150 people enjoy The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at Roadford Lake


Friday 10th August saw the Annual Outdoor Theatre experience at Roadford Lake.

An audience of 150 complete with fold out chairs, picnic tables, blankets and enough picnic food to feed a small army, pitched up on the banks of Roadford Lake to see The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes performed by Chapterhouse Theatre Company.

The performance was so captivating, that even the repeated visits of the native Canada Geese was not enough to distract the viewers. One gentleman, so riveted to the performance failed to realise that his camping chair was capsizing around him. Even the crash only captured the rest of the audience’s eyes for a split second before they were back in to the action.

The play was a typical Holmes “whodunit” with more than one twist in the tale, proficiently delivered and audibly received.

A wonderful show in a picturesque setting, with the rain seemingly taking a break to watch the show too.

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