Stargazing Tips for Beginners


Here at South West Lakes Trust we believe that families should always be getting out and about and trying all sorts of new adventures. If you and your family are up for trying new things, then why not try stargazing? Stargazing is a simple way of seeing the natural beauty of the world with your children and staring up in to space and seeing which constellations you can spot can be a really powerful experience.


Here are some of our top tips for stargazing for beginners:

  • Visit Wimbleball or Siblyback Lake as both locations are dark skies reserves. Rural areas such as the lakes are the ideal spots to see the stars as they’re away from any light and disturbances.
  • Try and get to the highest point of wherever you choose to stargaze so nothing obstructs your view.
  • You don’t need a fancy telescope when you’re just starting out, some small, basic binoculars will do the trick.
  • Stargazing is best to be done whilst there is a full moon, so be sure to check the phase of the moon before you set off.
  • Get cosy! You may be gazing at the stars for a long time, so make sure you bring comfortable chairs, flasks of hot tea and biscuits and make sure you stay warm.
  • If you’re stargazing in a rural area, bring a torch to get to and from your location to make sure you can see where you’re going in the dark. A red filter will allow you to see where you’re going without affecting your ability to see the stars.
  • Bring a star chart/map along with you. You can bring physical copies or find apps and download one to help you recognise the placement of the stars. A perfect idea for beginners.
  • Enjoy yourself and the beautiful view and invite all the family to join you on this adventure.
  • Why not book a stay in the fabulous Stargazing Bell Tents at Wimbleball Lake? You can gaze at the stars all night long!


So, why not try and give stargazing a go? Use our top tips here to make sure that you and your family make the most of seeing the stars. Two of our sites, Wimbleball Lake and Siblyback Lake are Dark Skies reserves so are two of the most perfect spot to enjoy a stargazing session.

Did you know? Stargazing is number 20 in our 101 things to do this summer booklet? You can download that booklet by clicking here. You can also download some of our activity sheets to complete when visiting some of our sites here.


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