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Explore our family friendly off-road cycling trails on your day out in the South West. Our specially designed trails offer an excellent off-road cycling adventure and have been designed for people to come and enjoy irrespective of ability, although some of the surfaces are uneven. Our lakes provide the perfect destination to get your children learning how to ride in a safe environment. Whether you want to enjoy a gentle cycle around the lake and take in the views or zip through the trees and down hills, there’s a variety of trails suitable for a range of abilities.

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Cycling at Roadford Lake, Devon.

Explore Roadford Lake by bike. You can access our off-road cycling trails from the opposite side of the lake, just behind the Café. Bring the family along with you, our trails allow you to explore Roadford’s woodland, countryside and lake. There are two specially designed cycle trails which are family friendly and great for beginners!

Green (easy) Cycle Trail: The 1sw mountain bike trail starts behind the cafe and runs adjacent to the lake. Designed for beginners, and 2.5km in distance (1.5 miles), the Green Trail should take approximately 0.5 – 1 hour to complete. This off-road cycling trail continues into a wooded area and there’s plenty of places to stop, take a breather and enjoy the superb views. Follow the green arrows, this trail loops back onto itself. Please be aware and considerate of others – sections of the trail is used by walkers, wheelchair users, dogs and prams. This off-road trail is relatively flat with one steep climb and one descent.

Blue (moderate) Cycle Trail: This off-road cycling trail is designed for riders in good health and with basic off-road riding skills – you’ll require a basic mountain bike to cycle this trail. There are climbs, descents, twists and turns on the aptly named ‘Roadford Rollercoaster’ trail. Like the green trail, the Roadford Rollercoaster starts behind the cafe. You will need to follow the green arrows on the nature path and follow on to the blue arrows.

There is a steep climb at the top, followed by a descent. Continue on the path and follow the blue arrows into the woods where you will weave in and out through the dense woodland. The blue trail provides excellent challenges for beginners wanting to get into mountain biking and offers a great taster into the adventurous world of off-road cycling. You can continue to loop this trail and complete as many laps as possible. The trail is relatively short, only 3 km in distance (1.8 miles), and should take 0.5- 1 hour to complete. Track your ride with strava and see if you will be king of mountain (KOM) at Roadford Lake.

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Come and explore Siblyback Lake on your bike. Our green off-road cycling trail is suitable for beginners and loops around the lake. The trail is 2 meters wide and is designed for complete accessibility for all users visiting Siblyback. The off-road cycling trail is used by cyclists, walkers, wheelchair users, dogs and prams so please be considerate of other users.

Green (easy) Cycle Trail: The 1sw off-road cycling trail runs adjacent to the lake. There’s a slight climb as you approach the dam and a short on-road section at the end of the trail. Riders should cycle in an anti-clockwise direction and will need to follow the green arrows. Green cycle trails are designed for beginners and Siblyback’s trail is 5km in distance (3.5 miles), taking approximately 0.5 – 1 hour to complete.

Take a look at the trail map.

Explore Stithians Lake by bike. Our one way, off-road cycling trail leads you to the dam and is only 1.5km (1 mile) in distance. The trail is suitable for all abilities and is perfect for families who want to explore the outdoors on a less challenging trail.

Bring your bike to Tamar Lake. Our green, off-road cycling trail is graded easy and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Tamar Lakes is situated in the North Cornwall and is located closely to the popular Cornish coastal resort of Bude. Tamar Lakes consists of two lakes, Upper and Lower Tamar which is connected by an off-road path.

Green (easy) Cycle Trail: Our off-road cycling trail runs adjacent to Upper Tamar Lake, measuring 4.7km (3 miles) in distance, and should take 1 – 1.5 hours to complete. Our trail is suitable for all abilities and is accessible for disabled visitors – it’s been fully surfaced and is relatively flat. This is a shared trail with walkers, wheelchair users, dogs and pushchairs so please be considerate off other users.

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Bring your bike and explore Wimbelball Lake.There are three specially designed off-road cycling trails suitable for the whole family. Enjoy a day out on Exmoor. Our off-road cycling trails are great for people of all abilities to discover all of the great things to do outdoors. Looking for more thrills and adventure? Exmoor National Park features many blue and red cycle trails for more experienced mountain bike cyclist to enjoy.

Green (easy) Cycle Trail:

Wimbleball Wheeler Trail: This off-road cycling trail is 1.7km (1 mile) in distance and should take 0.5 – 1 hour to complete. The trail runs adjacent to the dam and loops back on itself. Discover this mega-structure with your kids and spark their imagination for nature and engineering. The trail consists of a few moderate climbs and descents and benefits from a stone surface route making it accessible throughout the year.

Mr Twizzle Loop Trail: This short off-road cycling trail is great for people wanting to learn to ride a bike or introduce themselves to off-road cycling. It’s suitable for children on balance bikes and the complete trail can be seen from one place, making it an ideal cycle path for families. The Twizzle Loop measure 200 metres in distance.

Mr Twisty Loop Trail: This trail measure 250 metres in distance and is a step up from the Mr Twizzle trail. The Mr Twisty Loop is an off-road cycling trail, perfect for children wanting to learn to cycle and suitable for balance bikes. Like Mr Twizzle, this trail can also be seen from one place, ensuring a safe and fun learning environment for kids to enjoy.

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  Bring your bike, our trail provides the perfect place for children to learn to ride a bike for the first time and cycle in a safe and open space. Bude Posted by Tamar Lakes on Thursday, 29 September 2016

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