How will we be operating our activity centres during Covid 19


Issued: 18 June 2020

Updated: 5 November 2020

How will we be operating our activity centres during Covid 19

The Government has stated that being outdoors is a much easier way to social distance. It eliminates the chance of the virus being confined within indoor areas and therefore easier to avoid transmission.

As always, the safety of our staff and customers is our main priority.

All of our session operations have been revised and adapted to make sure that we are following the Government guidelines and we are able to maintain social distancing and good hygiene.

All of the activities that we offer can be enjoyed on either an individual or a family basis whilst adhering to social distancing with people from different households outdoors.

How have we adapted the way we will be operating our activity centres?

To ensure the safety of our employees and customers we have adapted our operating procedures so we can continue to offer you a variety of activities on the water in line with Government guidelines.

We have introduced some new measures to minimise the contact between employees and customers. As we know it is important to maintain high standards of hygiene, we will ensure that all equipment has been thoroughly cleaned after each session so it is ready for the next customer. We will be asking customers to wash their own buoyancy aids and any other protective equipment at the end of each session in our designated wash down area. This will help to minimise contact between employees and customers.

Customers will be able to book self-launch online but other sessions will need to be booked by contacting us directly either by phone, email or a private message on social media.

This is a great time to come and enjoy activities on the water in smaller groups at our fantastic locations. The following guidance has been put in place to help keep everyone safe and have an enjoyable session on the water.

  1. Staggered customer arrival. Customers will be asked to arrive at different times throughout the day. This will ensure that the running of sessions will remain as clean as possible and prevent people from breaking the 2 metre social distance rule.
  2. Ask customers to be prepared. We will ask all customers to think about their booked activity and arrive appropriately dressed for the session, as changing rooms will not be available.
  3.  Hygiene stations made available around site. We recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer, however we will have hand sanitizer stations strategically located. As well, as hand washing facilities in our toilets.
  4. Increased buoyancy aid and wetsuit wash. All of our buoyancy aids, helmets and wetsuits are being soaked in disinfectant and then left to hang up for as long as possible before their next use.
  5. All equipment cleaned after each use. All equipment used or hired out such as paddles, kayaks; SUP’s, boats and windsurfing equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant after each session.
  6. Rotate kit use. We have enough kit in stock that we are able to stagger how often it is used. This ensures that there is sufficient time between session bookings using the same piece of equipment – allowing them to be fully cleaned and fresh for use.
  7. Be aware of customer skill. We will make sure your level of experience matches the conditions on the water. This will limit the need for staff intervention and rescue’s.
  8. Social distancing. For all of our activity sessions, we have adjusted our teaching methods to constantly maintain a safe distance between staff and customers
  9. Client details. These will be kept for Contact Tracing purposes in line with all current Government guidance and data protection.
  10. Cash not accepted. When you contact us to book a session, we have various contactless ways you can complete your booking.
  11. Adapted coaching style and lesson plans. As we cannot be so hands on during this time, we have adapted our coaching methods to suit this need.
  12. PPE for staff when required.
  13. Wetsuits  We ask that customers bring their own wetsuits where possible, we understand this is not always possible so we have  a range of our high quality wetsuits which will always sanitised and ready for public use.
  14. Enrolment forms. These can be completed and signed online to avoid unnecessary contact when you arrive at the centre.

We are really putting an emphasis on demonstration and communication. If you pay attention and listen to the staff at all times, this will definitely be a safe and repeatable experience during the ongoing situation around COVID-19.